Milk Hair Mask With Elastin

Milk Hair Mask With Elastin


  • 500 g.
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Milk Hair Mask With Elastin 500g. 

Elastin included in the BingoSpa mask thanks to its compatibility with lipid solvents and water, easily penetrates into the interior of jeopardizing its more flexible and has the ability to stimulate hair growth, improves grip, giving them a silky softness, protect hair from the harmful effects of environmental factors and clearly restrained by a tendency to alkaline hair swelling.
Silky soft and elastic, full of light hair requires their natural particle building blocks – proteins and amino acids, which provide your BingoSpa hair mask.
Usage:  mask accurately spread on the whole length of the hair and massaged into the scalp, leave for 5-10 min., Then rinse thoroughly.


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