Pants for body shaping INTEROSE


Pants for body shaping INTEROSE


  • reduces your clothing size by two sizes
  • reduce the circumference of your stomach up to
  • reduce the circumference of your hips by up to
  • no distracting edges on the pants
  • elastic-free waist
  • no distracting seams on the abdomen
  • made of silk-like smooth material (the dress glides neatly over the pants and does not wrinkle; the panties are ‘invisible’ even when wearing a thin dress)
  • the skin between legs (on your thighs) doesn’t rub
  • no sweating (material removes moisture)
  • soft and comfortable to wear
  • made of skin-friendly material
  • with anti-cellulite effect
  • improved figure
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Body shaping wear and anti-cellulite will reduce your dress size by 2 sizes and considerably improve your appearance in the abdomen, waist, hips, thighs, and buttocks.
The material prevents excess moisture and sweating. In addition, you can lose some weight, but the most important feature of this product is the help it provides for the elimination of cellulite.
The product is made from silky material with flat seams in the groin area so that the dress slips nicely over the trousers.
We ensure that the product works. Try it and bring your self-esteem at its peak.
Composition: Polyamide 92%, Elastane 8%

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