Peat Shampoo

Peat Shampoo


  • 500 ml.
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Peat Shampoo 500ml.
BingoSpa peat extract obtained from natural peat in order to isolate active substances. The manner in which the manufacturing process extracts mud, on the one hand, provides maximum isolation of all active substances from peat, even those insoluble in a traditional mud, on the other hand, intactness of their therapeutic properties.
Thus obtained extract is devoid of any ballast “essence” of what the most valuable peat.
This gives reproducible by the content of the active substances BingoSpa peat extract, which is the main component of the shampoo peat.
BingoSpa Peat Shampoo improves circulation, anti-inflammatory and soothes the scalp, making hair strong, flexible and shiny, resistant to environmental factors.


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