Shapewear for your waist and hips


Shapewear for your waist and hips


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  • reduces your clothing size by two sizes
  • reduce the circumference of your stomach up to
  • reduce the circumference of your hips by up to
  • no distracting edges on the pants
  • elastic-free waist
  • no distracting seams on the abdomen
  • made of silk-like smooth material (the dress glides neatly over the pants and does not wrinkle; the panties are ‘invisible’ even when wearing a thin dress
  • the skin between legs (on your thighs) doesn’t rub
  • no sweating (material removes moisture)
  • soft and comfortable to wear
  • made of skin-friendly material
  • with anti-cellulite effect
  • improved figure.
    Guide size: Buy one size bigger (smaller sizes ) 

Shapewear for your waist and hips
Loss of abdomen circumference up to 2.8 cm paired with an anti-cellulite effect. Shapewear absorbs excess moisture and prevents sweating. It significantly improves your figure.
Trousers are edge-free and the abdomen is seamless, made out of silk-like and skin-friendly fabric. It allows the dress to slip over the panties nicely, the seams do not interfere and are not visible even in a thin dress. The great feeling during wear.

Composition: Polyamide 92%, Elastane 8%


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