Strongest Cinnamon – Caffeine Gel with Chilli


Strongest Cinnamon – Caffeine Gel with Chilli

It contains : cinnamon, orange peel and love oils, caffeine and chilli extract. All active substances contained reduce fat cells and relieve water retention which sculpts the silhouette and gives shiny smooth and cellulite free skin.
Caffeine stimulates skin fat burning, reduces cellulite and prevents its formation.

Cinnamon oil successfully removes skin fat and relieves water retention through its warming action. Protects the skin against free radicals.
Clove oil warms up the skin and improves blood circulation. Clove aroma stimulates nerve system.
Massage stimulates microcirculation, improves active substance absorption, accelerates metabolism processes – faster fat burning and detoxing.
Directions of Use: Apply a thin layer of the product in places prone to fat formation : thighs, buttocks, stomach, hips. Watching the skin reaction increase the amount of the product. Use in between of the BingoSpa “body wrapping” treatments.


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